Monday, November 1, 2010

A Long Time Between Tweets/FB Updates/Etc

Man, it has been some time since I last connected with anyone on our blog. I was reminded that I have such an outlet by a new patient who looked us up then explored the site to find some archaic postings we left about coaching, mattresses and life in general. I am sorry for being a techno-nincompoop but I have just not caught up to my kids and their digitally interfaced world. I have a Twitter account and have no idea what I am supposed to do with it. I am pretty sure that I am suposed to surrender up all of my personal financial info as well as corrupt all of my email contacts. I hear something, every other day it seems, about how Twitter was hacked and Facebook was comprimised and it makes me worry for a moment. Then I think, "Wait I haven't used either of those services for a month or so. I am probably safe. Maybe not. I don't know." I have patients who come in and say, "Hey, I sent you a friend request. Why didn't you respond?" It makes me look like I am antisocial when in reality I am just sort of technologically retarded. I have a hard time remembering to log in. It seems to me that these outlets are best reserved for kids with no real commitments. The other night for instance, I got on Facebook (which my oldest daughter tells me I should not be capitalising) and proceeded to spend four hours creeping ( another term taught to me by my daughters) on old friends and more disturbingly as I have been told by both of my girls, young classmates of theirs. I shirked bedtime to do this. I love bedtime. What the heck am I thinking? My eyes started to hurt and I had to get up and wet them just to make them feel like they could function a bit longer. I realized when I got up that I had been wiggling my leg and holding my urine for a while so I had to tend to that too. My butt cheek was asleep from sitting on my wallet so long, something I tell my patients to avoid like the plague. All this and yet when my vision had been restored and by bladder emptied and my limp receding to normalcy I ran right back to the place from where I came and got right back to the time sink I had just previously left. I was addicted. I heard my wife harrumph and roll over in the middle of sleep but irritated enough by the hum of the computer and glare from the monitor to pull the blanket up over her head. That was my final sign. I logged off reluctantly. I laid there and thought that I should check my responses to updates I had left the next day. I forgot and didn't log on again until maybe a month later. Man am I bad at this.