Saturday, July 6, 2013

One day til departure

Nate and I have one more day til we leave and my mom is trying to kill us before the mountains have a chance. This morning she invited my uncle and his wife for brunch to start the day. Thats normal in her world. Most people reserve brunch for occasions like mothers day or Easter. Not my mom. She doesnt even wait for the normal widely agreed upon brunch day of the week, Sunday. In her Paula Deened world any day is the right day for brunch. We had coissant sandwiches with eggs, cheese and Virginia ham. She had a big fresh fruit platter with fresh apricots and meticulously cut up canteloupe. Cowboy coffee and homemade almond danish also made an appearance. Afterward nate went and raided the cookie jar and guzzled the rest of the half gallon of milk. She forgets how much milk goes into a 13 yearold.

We rested by going to Fred Meyers a local store that appeared to be a lot like Target but with more stuff made in sweatshops in the far East and conveniently can sell you a shotgun or handgun as well as your ammo.

Then when Nate and I pulled back in she announced that was time to get the Tommy's for a salmon bake. The gigantic 45 fish was fresh off the tug boat where he works in the Puget Sound. A little garlic and butter and a low Alder fire turn a regular fish into a feast that only happens here. We pushed on and plowed through another huge meal then watched all of the young kids play in the slip and slide and little pop-up pool. Nate wanted to go in too. I could tell. But he said he was fine. Tough to be the oldest kid.

We spent the redt of our time at Tommy's giving test rides to disbelievers and naysayers as well as, what I am now seeing as normal, folks who say they wish they could be doing something like this. We were sharing stories as we were getting ready to return to Mom's and Tommy, who has lots of hunting experience in the aea we are going to asked if we would be going through RedLodge, MT and when I said yes, he said that we would be going 20 at the top but thats ok because the trip down is straight down except where it diverts to make a wild and crazy turn that wants to sump you in the river.

When we got back to the ranch we set up all of the mounts for our GoPro camera. That should be interesting. High tech.

All in all fulfilling.

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