Monday, July 8, 2013

Tomorrow is the big day

I woke this morning to a chorus of roosters once at 5:00 and then again less vigorously at 7:00. A slow lazy start today with no real commitments planned til this evening when my wonderful and captivating story telling uncle Earl and his son and my cousin Joe stop by for bugers.

I had to get the truck arranged and do some extra map reading to make some last minute planning decisions about our route through far eastern Washington and a couple parts of Idaho and Montana. Food gets packed in one bin and camping gear in another. My dad gave me a small box about the size of my head filled with the "extra" parts he accumulated during this last year of rebuilding. That made me feel better... I think. I set the gerry can for gas in the back corner of the bed and lashed it to the inside of bed rail by way of a bungee cord strung through two stainless eye bolts my dad installed for just such a purpose. I unpacked, built, brokedown, repacked and stowed away our tent with a rainfly I bought online and had delivered to the ranch. Its a cheapy one from Coleman but when I got it up and Nate scrambled inside he shouted back out to me," Yeah, this looks like it could stop a sasquach."

Started up our new butane stove and felt like a sissy. Then remembered that our only cooking/water boiling/pancake making device is a flimsy fold up handle frying pan we got at the cheapshit, used merchandise camping isle at Fred Meyer (its like Target Store). Thanks for nothing Big 5 sports. You suck. Oh and if anyone is looking for a c
Chinese sweatshop produced coin sorting machine for home use… they have that right in the middle of their fryingpanless camping goods shelf. Huh? This is a sports store, right?

A couple hours of talking families with my mom and dad turned into supper with the Peth in mom's garden sancuary. It was really nice to visit and Earl and did not disappoint… plenty of great stories of trips they had taked across the pass where friends died, trucks caught fire from too much braking and plenty of reactions like, "20?, oh crap you're not taking 20 are you? Marty, he's taking 20. Good luck!

I hope we are ok.

More tomorrow.

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