Saturday, July 6, 2013

Arrival at moms

My parents were nice enough to slog down to Seatac and pick us up when we arrived tonight at 10:30. The alternative would have been to catch the last shuttle of the night at 11:30 that comes this way. It would have dropped us in Burlington at 2:00 am which is still a good poke from mom and dads place. Interesting to note how different the arrival area and more specifically people's actions vary from Chicago to Seattle. There was literally one vested man patroling the entire arrival pick up area. People just stopped where ever they saw their party. If they spotted them from the outside lane they would just stop right there. WTH? It looked like an Idian bazaar. Chicago cops would have freaked out and folks would have been shot. Seattle... very chill of you.

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Location:Mount Vernon WA

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John Teschky said...

Sounds like the airport has a hippie infestation. Glad you got out of there safely.